Artsy Ramble

vincent_van_gogh_by_manoheadHave you ever studied the lives of any of the great artists in history? I don’t mean just the artist that painted or did art, I mean artist in the terms of creative people…writers, singers, and so forth…

I majored in art in college, (not that I ever finished and got a degree or anything but I did take every art class they offered…lol) and in studying the ones admired the most, they all seem to have suffered either from deep depression or went through some terrible times in their lives.

Beethoven wrote the Moonlight Sonata (spelling?) but its one of the most beautiful but also mournful pieces of music ever written. The story behind it was that he was in love with this young lady but her family rejected him and he could not marry her. He was utterly heart broken and it came out in this music. Later on some of his most wonderful music came after he had gone deaf!!!  Could you image writing music and not being able to hear it?

I image somewhere he told someone he could hear the music in his head, he didn’t need to hear it with his ears.

Wolfgang Mozart was considered insane I think…or seemed to be, but actually it was due to the terrible treatment he got by others in most of his life. There is a movie that was done on him a number of years ago…you ought to check it out and watch it.

Edgar Allan Poe, was an extremely depressed person, in fact I heard he had bipolar, but not real sure on that. Just reading his stuff, while so well written and required reading in many schools (or used to be), you can image how the depression affected his writings.

Van Gogh…he cut his ear off….I think it was over a woman too….grief and despair can do funny things to ones mind.

Michelangelo was also a nut case…lol….He had a learning disability, depression and a recent news article said he may have had Aspergers … what that is….well we call it being a geek….awkward, no social skills and gets super focused on ONE thing. His one thing was art…

I think all these people obsessed to some degree or another with their work to the point they neglect family, friends and other normal day activities. Which caused people to think they were nutty…I don’t think they were really nutty, they were gifted…

But also in all their lives some kind of grief and heartache and depression affected them and because of it, it actually enriched their art, be it painting or writing or acting…whatever and it made them outstanding in what they did.

They have all left us with their ‘gifts’ and something to learn by and appreciate and make kids have to learn in school…. 

When I was younger and wanted to ‘create’ something, whatever…I wrote and did “art” well kinda ….I was told SO many times that to be a good artist I had to SUFFER! Had to go through hardships and all kinds of bad stuff in order to add that richest to my art….sounded real appealing … Right!

I find it amazing that our most talented people throughout history really had such rough lives! And there seems to be a correlation to great Christians …

I also think it helps the rest of us too …


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