Already Forgiven!

s73024774This is a post kinda written to myself, but I sometimes get so caught up in things that I need to remind myself of the basics.
One should remember … that if you are in Christ you are already forgiven! All of our sins that would separate us from relationship past, present and future have been forgiven by God (as far as east is from west), through the blood of Jesus. Now if I can only begin to shadow that forgiveness towards others …
There are some who preach that you must ask, beg for forgiveness and mercy any and all sins you commit. Forget one and you are well done kind of thing. The versed used on me yesterday was 1 John 1:9 to prod us with fear that we have to keep short accounts. The book of 1 John was directed to the Gnostics who claimed they were without sin which John himself says they are not of God, in the truth.
We do repent and confess sin and agree with God in regard to it. At this point there is nothing left for Jesus to do except to teach us and lead in growing. We are in His hands. Rest in that!

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