happy being unhappy?


Why do some people have to live with so much drama in their lives…. You know we all know at least one person like this….the one who every time you see or talk to them something “big” is going on in their lives……

I don’t mind helping and listening to others but then that one person comes into your life and they make you want to pull your hair out…its always one thing after another…and to make it worse they aren’t even trying to change it they thrive on the attention the drama gives them!

Maybe what I need is prayer for dealing with people like this in my life … I find that with these people you just end up smiling and try to stay out of as much as you can. there is no point in sounding like a broken record if they don’t want to listen. But it amazes me that people would rather be unhappy than actually try and work through things. Could it be that some people are happy being unhappy?


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