Goth Church

_41230736_goths1Something I stumbled across …
NANTICOKE – Spiky-haired youths, wearing black eyeliner, dressed in black clothing and black boots, are rarely seen in attendance at local religious services. However, one city church is seeking to change that.

St. George Episcopal Church on Main Street will hold its first Goth liturgy this Saturday, opening its doors to members of the Goth community and anyone else who is looking for “a different kind of spirituality,” according to Deacon Lou Divis.

“I think experiencing a liturgy that’s a little off the wall is intriguing,” she said. “I’m expecting spikes and chains and beauty and joy.”

Divis said she hopes attendees will feel the truth and joy of God’s love, be who they are and not feel they have to appear in their “Sunday best.” Her goal is to “let people worship God in a way that’s meaningful to them, within the parameters of the liturgy.”

“It’s allowing people to come as God sees them,” she said.

St. George’s has about 40 members in its congregation, and Davis said she hopes to see some of them at the Goth liturgy. She said the service is an experiment, but she hopes those who attend will leave with a better knowledge of God’s love for them.

“Helping people understand how much God loves them is what I hope to affirm with those who come,” she said. “I know what it’s like to be on the outside looking in.”

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