“Blessing” … Or “Not A Blessing”

Some acquaintances are doing a bible study on one of Beth Moore’s series of studies. When I unleashed a “I just can’t stand …” statement, Rich wanted us to try and start saying something in lieu of “this bites,” “I hate …,” “I can’t believe he/she is….” Ect.

According to him, Beth Moore says around their house instead of using those terms they use “Blessing” or “Not a blessing”. For instance, instead of saying “I can’t believe she wore that outfit” one could say “That wasn’t a blessing.” Or when something goes wrong at work, instead of griping about it one might say “that’s not a blessing.” It might seem like semantics but I think it’s an interesting twist on outlook and perspective. (kind of a half glass full perspective)

But alas, I don’t see myself sticking to this idea … to generic, maybe even cheesy.  The spirit of this idea sounds good but the execution is weak. Wheres the passion? Not that I go running around saying “I can’t stand …” all the time.
What do you think?



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