and well loved infants …

watari_and_baby_l_by_evergreen_willowOne awesome and interesting quote I would like to share with you all …
“One morning this past spring I noticed a young couple with an infant at an airport departure gate. The baby was staring intently at other people. and as soon as he recognized a human face, no matter whose it was, no matter if it was young and old, pretty or ugly, bored or happy or worried looking he would respond with absolute delight.
It was beautiful to see. Our drab departure gate had become a gate of heaven. And as I watched that baby play with any adult who would allow it, I felt awe struck as Jacob, because I realized that this is how God looks at us, staring into our faces in order to be delighted, to see the creatures he made and called good, along with the rest of creation. And as Psalm 139 puts it, darkness is nothing to God, who can see through whatever evil we’ve done in our lives to the creature made in the divine image.
I suspect only God, and well loved infants, can see this way.”
     ~Kathleen Norris


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