Are you as musical as Mozart?

An interesting quiz …
“Are you as musical as Mozart? Or are you a wordsmith like Wordsworth? Try our quiz to find out what your thinking style is. Try not to think too hard – just go with your gut reaction to see whether you have undeveloped talents.”
Alrighty then … Here I go.
The link:
Click here: BBC – Science & Nature – Leonardo – Thinker quiz
My result:

You are an Interpersonal Thinker
Interpersonal thinker   Interpersonal thinkers:

  • Like to think about other people, and try to understand them
  • Recognise differences between individuals and appreciate that different people have different perspectives
  • Make an effort to cultivate effective relationships with family, friends and colleagues
Like interpersonal thinkers, Leonardo had lots of friends and contacts, and was a popular figure at the Italian court.   Other Interpersonal thinkers include
Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, William Shakespeare

Careers which suit Interpersonal thinkers include
Politician, Psychologist, Nurse, Counsellor, Teacher

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