The End of Books?


First there was vinyl:

Then came the 8-Track:

And the cassette tape:

Then the Compact Disc:

And now…

The end of all physical media???

Shay’s teacher was just talking about this last week in his writing class and as he explained the way music has gone, now to iPods and iPhones and Zune and other mp3 players instead of CDs. There are plenty of young kids out there who have never laid hands on a music CD believe it or not.

Then his teacher, to my horror, applied the same logic to that art medium which is older than recorded music itself…BOOKS!

The fact is that the vast majority of text that is read today is read digitally…not in print. And with Amazon’s Kindle and other electronic readers out there, is it possible that we are finally entering the Star Trek era, where the only books we will see will be antiques like in Captain Picard’s room?

I find it hard to imagine, instead of curling up in front of a fireplace on a rainy day with a good book, curling up with a good Kindle, or PAAD. *gasp*


Is it true? … The end of books is near? Say it isn’t so!


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