Jesus in plain clothes

A poem I came across which I would like to share …

What the world needs now
Is Jesus in plain clothes again
Living His life in ordinary people
People wearing nothing to set them apart
From those who are unaware
There is a realm of peace and love
They can live in now

Those who know this realm and enjoy its benefits
Must let go all their personal, pet do’s and don’ts
They must come down from spiritual heights to earth
Take on the appearance of ordinary people
Becoming as they were intended to be
From the beginning

Their Elder Brother on earth again
Approachable and attainable

They must give away their treasure knowledge of God
Gained through trials and suffering
They must give freely to those who do nothing
To deserve such a gift

Those who know God as All in All
Are here to give Him away
To those who only know Him as
Unreal and non-existent

They must open their hearts and invite people in
Making their heart an entry hall
Where some may pause and rest
Until they can see His reality for themselves

Until they can enter the special place
Christ has prepared for them in our Father’s heart
Entering just as we entered, without merit
Wearing nothing but the title of “Unworthy”

Anyone out there ready to become a plain clothes Jesus?
Then come on down!

Come down to earth where you are needed
Don’t worry about losing your righteousness
You are made of durable, wearable holiness
That cannot be stained, and needs no adornment

Your presence is needed next door, at work
At school, on the freeway —wherever you go!
For you breathe a different air
Inhaling, exhaling faith
Into the atmosphere of a doubting world

You live by the law of love and forgiveness
In a lawless and get-even world
You are a peacemaker by nature
A living bridge of humanity to God

You are not here to have a ministry
But to be a ministry
Just living an ordinary
Plain clothes Jesus life


     ~Joan Wilson


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