The Virtual Church

church_270An acquaintance of mine is getting involved in this … What do you think?

I like the idea of having a place to go for those who are without a church home, but I really wonder about getting all of our “Church” online! There are other sites that propose to be a “Church” online as well, but what about relationships, accountability, and handshake, a hug, the list goes on … Of course the Church is technically “us” as Christians and not a building ….

I guess my question is … Do we need to go to a local Church? Any thoughts?

All I can say is that it’s a good thing we don’t have a virtual Savior with a virtual humanity who virtually sympathizes with us and virtually intercedes for us …


One Response to “The Virtual Church”

  1. I cannot believe its what is best.Why would the Lord establish governments in the church, for it to be abandoned by men, because of failure in the pulpit or the pew?Most of the time one or the other or a combo are found to be the cause.Our church building was lost last Sept. and we have had home meetings since.Yet many have fallen through the cracks, not being able to adapt to less order, relatioship, and accountability. We really miss the meetings and the order,and long for the day when we have a ‘head quarters’ again.While most of us serf the web and still meet once a week,it can in no way take the place. Less space means less ability for more services and fellowships. Cheryl

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