Going to the Outback …

…. The Oregon Outback that is. On my recent vacation there was a brief bit of time between storms so I thought a trip to the Oregon desert in Lake County Oregon was in order!





Fort Rock was once an island in a giant inland sea that covered the area, and the erosion you see in the photo below was from waves lapping the shore. This area was the site of a major archaeological discovery in Oregon — 9,000 year-old sage brush sandals. They were discovered in a nearby cave. The ancient volcanic formation is the shape of a crescent and a trail runs along the inside of the rim. I had the entire park to myself!



Even cooler is Crack in the Ground, which is about 8 miles north of Christmas Valley (another place I’d never been). Crack in the Ground is a sheer, deep, narrow, half-mile-long fissure in the surrounding volcanic rock. At its deepest points, it’s maybe 60 feet deep, and it ranges from a few feet to about eight feet in width. You can hike through it if you’re willing to do some rock clambering … and I will be back!

Next … Lake Abert is located in Lake County Oregon, and lies at the foot of a beautiful stretch of rock known as Abert Rim, along Highway 395. It is just northeast of the small town of Valley Falls in the south central part of the state, covering a decent amount of space as seen on a state map. Lake Abert is a saltwater lake with the smell of sulphur fairly present in the air. Lake Abert was an interesting location, different from what I imagined I might discover … a more surreal experience with grey skies, heavy winds and maybe even gentle electric currents in the air.p2240062


The pictures can’t bring the full essence of the area, but Abert Rim was majestic and huge… almost overwhelming. It was a fabulous day. Hope you enjoyed the trip!

A few more pictures are on my “other” blog:



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