Barbie Gets Stylin’ with Tattoos!!

 This just in …

 For such a bland doll, Barbie sure has caused a lot of controversy in her 50 years of existence. Now she has parents outraged about her latest iteration, Totally Stylin’ Tattoo Barbie, which comes with a palette of temporary tattoos and a gun with which to apply them.

Oh, Barbie, how the mighty have fallen. You used to wear tennis outfits and hang out in mansions. Now you come with a “Ken” tramp stamp and a gigantic purple belt buckle.

Full article here:…

What’s next? “Totally Pierced Barbie Girl” with piercing gun and simulated diamond studs for ears, nose, eyebrows, lips or belly button???


One Response to “Barbie Gets Stylin’ with Tattoos!!”

  1. Happy 50th Birthday Barbie! (but who’s counting?)

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