Satan Smells?

p2240011One of the more interesting things that I’ve come across … Joyce Meyer in a book has claimed that she has smelled demons. For reals! So I was wondering has anyone other than Joyce Meyer smelled demons? Or could the smell be more likely something else? What would a demon smell like? It just couldn’t be good I imagine …

But when I think about it, I can’t see why not that God could give a “spiritual smell” (for lack of better words) as a part of discernment. I won’t be to quick to mock it because of that. For sure, it seems way out there, but then again, some of the things of God had the prophets do were pretty darn weird. And some of their visions? Lord knows how much some of us have racked our brains to understand them!

Anyways I’m just wondering where you may stand on it…


One Response to “Satan Smells?”

  1. That’s interesting…

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