First Day of Spring!


Sheesh … I almost forgot …. Today is officially the first day of Spring! It’s finally here… time to open your windows (for a few hours …snow is forecasted tomorrow), sip your coffee on the back porch, clean your house from top to bottom (well eventually), plant flowers and prune your garden. For me, Spring reminds me of God’s grace. Winter, though I do enjoy it, especially in the beginning, is the time when the trees are naked of their leaves, the grass is dry and stripped of it’s green, it’s too cold to play outside … Snow! Then Spring comes around, the temperature warms your skin, the leaves start to grow their leaves, the grass turns emerald, flowers sprout up again, birds return, kids play…you get the picture. I always think, this time of year, of how God uses these same occurrences in the seasons of our lives. And it gives me hope! There can always be renewal!


Have a blessed first day of Spring everyone!!!


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