everything is gonna be alright!


One wakes up in the morning and there is news of war, abductions, breakups … All sorts of stuff. One gets going in their day and there are the phone calls demanding this bill be paid, this be wrong or that is going off the deep end. There may be problems at work, a child does something completely off the wall, maybe problems crop up at home. One gets through the day and there is more bad news on the TV, or you meet an old friend with another story to tell. You know of those days everything seems negative? Nothing goes right …. Everything is going wrong!

There are just those days when we need to hear everything will be ok. Its so easy to get focused on problems! In the Word it becomes clear that our Lord knows the end of the story … Everything is going to be alright. We have this glorious future! You see, we need not to let things overwhelm and consume us when we have Jesus in our lives. So this morning … God is saying everything is gonna be alright!

Just felt led to share this …

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