Chess Mess Quiz


This quiz looked interesting! Here is the intro from the site:

Hi! Thank you for taking my test. I’ll be using logic to determine where you fit in the game of life. While the King or Queen may be seen as the most valuable piece on the board in the game – it is the Pawn that shapes the battlefield. Many outcomes to games are determined by the placement of the ‘minor’ players in life. When taking this test your answers should indicate what you tend to do. Not what you ideally would do. With that said have fun!


No matter your score, there are positives and negatives to personalities. You should be equally pleased scoring as a ‘Pawn’ as they are the most contributing  (and thus practical) members of society. You should also be pleased by scoring as a ‘Noble’ as they are responsible for societal forms and are marked with creativity.


Nobles serve the Pawns and Pawns serve the Nobles. Everyone serves another – for whom do you serve?


Onward to the quiz …

Click here: The Chess Mess Test
My result:

The King's Merchant

The King’s Merchant is an analyzer of situations, but function to repair problems. They prefer dealing with tangible problems and proven experience. They are naturally quiet and open to information and new approaches. Because of this they are a useful source for information.


They may be introverted, but are adept at controlling interactions with others, and may be forceful concerning their influence. They focus on efficiency and skills. The balance they bring is one that encourages groups to think then act. They are capable of holding a cool head in stressful situations and help others assess the reality of any situation. They can be difficult to understand because they do need space to charge. Communication is key here; others need to realize that the King’s Merchant communicates without the need for verbal cues.


The King’s Merchant prefers to practice their passion in seclusion. The result however is one of virtuosity that other types find difficult to match or even out do. Because they focus highly on the task at hand they may fail to see the long term expenses. They may also not communicate their understanding of a situation having expected others to see it in their most practical way. They are valuable assets for friends. You should be pleased scoring as a ‘Pawn’ – it proves that you are a constructive and contributing member of society.


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