smoking angels


Something I found on  a blog…

“someone i know was talking to a homeless man the other day who was drinking and smoking in chicago. anyways my friend helped the man out and gave him a ride to a homeless shelter. when my friend helped the man out of the car and set him up in the shelter, my friend went to go get him a coffee to help him warm up and the man mysteriously disappeared. my friend is convinced that the man was an angel and that my friend will be blessed for helping the angel.”

Kinda interesting …I just don’t know. Would an angel smoke or drink? I guess that I’d be more concerned about this person thinking he should/will be blessed because he helped an angel. That could lead to some serious disappointment…

Then again … a homeless guy is missing? It must have been an angel!

Would an angel smoke a la that “Michael” movie a few years ago?

Just wondering …


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