Why God?


I’m in one of those melancholic moods, nothing to bad mind you. Just one of those “Why God?” kind of things I guess. God has given us visions of His kingdom-a world that works for everyone, where needs are met and gifts are called forth. Paul in Romans 8:22 tells us that “creation grows in labor awaiting” for Jesus’ arrival. So I wonder Lord, why must things be so hard sometimes? Why really must we wait? Why can’t you do what I can imagine the creator of the universe would do … go shazam! Just bring it on, let your kingdom come!

Things on earth seem most fragile since you made it. God would have figured out how mankind can progress without pollution. God would have figured out how to create an economic system that allows everyone to thrive, not just those favored by the marketplace or whatever. All people would live abundantly. Gods way isn’t about wealth I know, abundance and wealth are two different things…

I know that things I long for and “need” do not make up for the fact I’ll ‘kick the bucket’ someday. I know that “fate,” twists of fortune, whatever, in an instant, can and will rearrange my plans. Its happened before in both quiet and large ways. For the “better,” for the “worse.” Bottom line is that a person can count on very little for sure! It can make one nervous …

So one wonders … why doesn’t God swoop in here and tidy up the place. Don’t we all yearn for this? On our own we are so helpless to make a difference. We can try to live frugal, not pollute, get along, help out, encourage, make others smile … But if so many others don’t do these things what difference will my small gestures make? We obviously can’t save the world!

We can do all these things because God has given us a vision. Just because they are right to do. For the sake of those who follow. We can do these things because we believe Your kingdom will come someday. And its best to know that I helped, even if just a tiny bit …

But at times it isn’t easy …

Tim, just typing away…


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