Dumpster Diving … A New Way to Beat The Heat?


Its gonna be another hot day in the mountains (96! E-Gads!) … So this article caught my eye …

Dumpster Swimming Pools Make A Splash

NEW YORK (AP) — Some New Yorkers stuck in small apartments on a hot summer day have a new option: swimming in huge bins that once held trash.

The idea for the unlikely urban club came from David Belt, president of Macro Sea, a Manhattan design firm.

A contractor loaned him the three big metal bins and they were cleaned, lined with plastic and filled with water. Belt then rented an abandoned Brooklyn lot through the end of August.

And suddenly, he had himself three swimming pools, surrounded with lounge chairs, grills and a few cabanas.

It’s an experiment for now, not open to the public. Macro Sea is hosting private parties, film screenings and lectures at the trash bins-turned-into-pools.


I’m not so sure about this …






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