Not a “Christian” story but I think it makes a great point on trust …


“Once, a Taoist master sat with his disciples at the edge of a large, raging river. Suddenly, one of the disciples stood up and shouted that an elderly man had been caught in the river. Helpless, the party watched as the man tumbled over rocks, was dunked under water, and thrown about by the current. Assuming that he had been killed, they were astonished to see the old man climb out of the river, completely unharmed. Surprised, the master walked up to the man, and said:

“You have survived a very treacherous peril. You must be some sort of spirit!”

The old man simply laughed a kind laugh and replied:

“No, no. I’ve been doing that since I was a boy. I simply let the river take me. I don’t struggle, I don’t thrash about. I simply place myself in the river’s care, and the river takes care of me.”

~Author Unbeknownst 2 Me


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