I did not come to bring peace, but a boxing glove…

Ok … You may want to stop right here … But this is so bizarre I just had to throw it out there! She’s Got A Mean Temper and A Bad Habit… Fighting For What’s Right!

The Holy Punching Fighting Nun Puppet
Just place your hand under her habit and watch her punch with
both of her hands, her head even bobs as she fights!

Floats like a butterfly stings like a bee… Our most funniest selling item is now Back by popular demand! The Fighting Nun Punching Puppet. She’s got a habit of fighting for what’s right! Suited in her traditional habit, our most Holy item comes out swinging with finger-activated arms that move independently and a spring-action head that bobs and weaves.

She’s 12 inches tall, packaged in a black and white punching nun header sporting our “fight for what’s right” moto. Cloth habit, plastic face and boxing gloves. This makes a great birthday gift, christmas gift, boss or co-worker gift. Order 2 and have fun with a Nun fight.


My nun will take your nun! lol


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