an old picture


Have you ever seen an old picture of yourself as a kid and then look to some of the things you turned out to be.I did last weekend …

I stumbled over an old picture, of years ago and felt a sense of memory of all the innocence of youth.

The warm summers evenings playing round with your friends, all the funny things we did.

Even though I was a little terror at times, (so I’ve been told, I never really thought so

) I was still just a kid.

even though there was all the problems around me I knew no better, and just had dreams of the future.

But now when I look back to all the no so good things and accounts that I did and became; the things I done to others, the things I’ve done to myself even. I realize there is no way I can turn back the clock.

Isn’t it just great the way Jesus just comes into our lives and makes amend of all the terrible things we have done …



Just some thoughts …



Have a most blessed day everyone!





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