Me And My Martin Luther Mask


A couple days ago I did the Halloween shopping at the local stores. As I walked around trying to find something that was not too sketchy or shady, I thought to myself, “Where’s the Halloween section at the local Christian Book Store?” 


Now I realize that this may be an oxymoron to some; however, I began to wonder what all one might find in the Christian Halloween store.  Here’s some of our ponderings . . .


Definitely masks of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and William Carey.  It is Reformation Day ya know.


A shepherd outfit … well it would stand out! lol

Probably some OT characters: Moses, David, maybe a prophet or two … Now this might be scary! 


Peanuts characters . . . Linus does quote the Christmas story, remember?


Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber. I can see walking around as a giant cuke!!!! Got to have some ladies: Mary, Martha, Ruth, Esther, Rahab (post fall of Jericho perhaps), Hey …. Maybe the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live! 


You would also have to have some good accessories . . .


Big Baptist hair wigs


A Preaching Bible (KJV only)

A gigantic staff.

The armor of God (Eph 6) . . . gotta have that sword of the spirit


Offering plate


Anyway, kinda had fun thinking of these things.  So now you tell us what things you would expect to find in the Christian Halloween store?


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