Christmas…Does it really matter?

We are well into the season of hearing debates about Christmas. I just heard Dobson talking once again on the stores that support Christian efforts in keeping Christianity in Christmas, telling us which ones don’t. But here’s my dilemma. Christ never told us once, not once, to celebrate His birth. Christmas is a time of year that many people have made to be many things. Many Christians get upset with the commercialism (yet they buy into it also).

I see Christmas as a time for personal reflection, thankfulness to God for the birth of Christ. But how others celebrate it, seeing that we were never asked or told to celebrate it to begin with, shouldn’t that be personal decisions. I know many people who incorporate Santa into Christmas, as well recognizing the birth of Christ and appreciating it. It has come to be something that is no longer a “magical” time, but a rush here and there time, kids disappointed with gifts time, overspending money time.

I must be getting old, call me Scrooge I guess. I love to give, believe me. Just tired of getting lists of what I “should” buy someone. Kind of takes the gift out of giving.

I guess, besides my little rant, my questions remains. Why does the debate about Christmas being a religious holiday get so big, when in reality we were only told by Christ to celebrate His resurrection?

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