What Kind Of Romantic Are You?

Had to check this quiz out of course! What Kind Of Romantic Are You?

 Click here: Quiz – What Kind Of Romantic Are You? – relationship love quiz – Quizilla Quizzes

  My result:

~*~Disbelieving Romantic~*~
The disbelieving romantic does not believe in love until he/she finds herself/himself in it.
You are not sure love exists until it hits you in the face. You feel (or will feel) lucky to have your partner and it makes them feel the same way. CAUTION! Because of your views on love you may seem cold or suspicious of people who are interested in you.

~Perfect First Date~
Anything with a lot of ice-breakers: a double date with friends, a date involving games like laser tag or bowling, casual hang out date with movies. Basically anything to bring out the real you.

~Perfect Anniversary Date~
You take your partner to a special place for you that you don’t share with anyone else so they wil realize that they mean more to you than anyone else.


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