party pooper

This is kinda off topic but there was this time I was just sharing with another Believer some of the things I hope I see in Heaven. And he categorically shot every one of them down!

I hope to see bright, blue and red birds that were sort of transparent with names I couldn’t pronounce in a million years. He said: “Careful! you are adding to Scripture. You won’t find any such thing there!”

I was describing an evening with Christ…sitting on my back deck in the old cabin which God saw fit to create for me there, drinking a cup of tea watching the fireflies over the pond. He ACTUALLY said:

Well there’s a problem with that…there’s no darkness there so no fireflies to be seen.

Then I talked about how I wanted to fall asleep by the fireplace while Jesus was sitting across the room reading a book…I mean…how cool would that be?? Feeling so secure with the Master in the same room.

He said: Well you need to read the Bible more, man. No sleep, no cold and Jesus don’t need to read!

Pffft. Party-pooper. lol


One Response to “party pooper”

  1. Rebecca Kellam Says:

    lol There are a lot of them out there. They seem to think they have all the answers, but really have little to none.

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