Preacher offers fast track to heaven!

Evangelist Ronnie Hill’s Car Giveaway Attracts 10,300; Over 3,200 Professions of Faith

Last fall, when Carol Gray entered the drawing to win a new vehicle at, she said she prayed “selfishly” to win before confessing her selfishness to God.

Gray’s prayer was answered — and then some.

Before evangelist Ronnie Hill handed Gray the keys to a new Chrysler 300 LX, more than a dozen people professed their faith in Christ in response to Hill’s invitation after preaching at First Baptist Church in Cumming, Ga.

“That’s the whole thing right there,” said Gray, a member of Alpharetta (Ga.) First United Methodist Church. “The car is secondary.”

Hill’s year-long evangelistic campaign via the Internet — which he’s offering again this year — resulted in more than 10,300 people watching his three-minute Gospel presentation and registering for the free vehicle drawing. More than 3,200 people recorded professions of faith in Christ after watching the video.

Hill said the online drawing for the vehicle giveaway enables him to multiply the reach of his evangelistic ministry while providing Christians and churches an opportunity to help share the Gospel with those who aren’t likely to attend a church event.

“All you have to say is, ‘Hey, you want to win a brand new car?'” Hill said.

This year, Hill has expanded the website to include five additional video clips from which to choose a testimony, including that of an African American male, a Hispanic woman, a NASA engineer, a country music Grammy award winner and a woman who was a victim of sexual abuse.

The full story here:

The video(s) here:


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