Beer Is Good For Your Bones?

Beer has turned out to be a significant source of dietary silicon which is considered a major ingredient in healthy bones. Charles Bamforth and Tony Casey, of the Department of Food Science and technology at the University of California at Davis, tested over 100 commercial beers purchased from grocery stores and reported their findings in the February issue of the Journal of the Science of Food and Technology. The silicon content of the brews ranged from 6.4mg/L to a whopping 56.5 mg/L. It was also found that lighter pale colored malts had more silicon than the darker, more heavily roasted products.

However the FDA does not have any recommended levels for silicon currently and American consume on average between 20 to 50 mg each day. A couple of beers a day could double that! Of course it should be pointed out that numerous other studies show that the benefits of alcohol are limited to one or two drinks a day and more than that put one at risk of adverse effects from alcohol. In other words choose the beer you enjoy, drink it in moderation in the knowledge it is contributing silicon and more to your good health, including your bones!



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