Cow and Pig

A probably not so PC a joke, but I’ll put it out there anyways …

On a trip together, a Hindu, a rabbi and a lawyer stop at a farmhouse and ask to stay the night. There’s space for two, but one will have to sleep in the barn. 

“I’ll go,” the Hindu volunteers. A few minutes later, the lawyer and the rabbi hear a knock.

“There’s a cow in the barn,” the Hindu says. “A cow is sacred, and I cannot sleep with a sacred beast.”

“No problem, I can do it,” the rabbi says, grabbing his pillow. But minutes later, the rabbi knocks.

“There’s a pig in the barn. It’s an unclean animal- my belief forbids me to be near such a creature,”

With a tired sigh, the lawyer heads out. Almost immediately, there’s a third knock at the door.

… It’s the cow and the pig.

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