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Road Trip: Newberry Volcanic National Monument

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It was hot and smokey here in Chiloquin, so my son Shay and I loaded up the car and headed out on another road trip! In Central Oregon, a little southeast of Bend, is a little known treasure called Newberry Crater. At some point in prehistory, the top of the mountain collapsed in on itself, leaving a large depression. Within this depression two lakes have formed, East Lake and Paulina Lake. And here is where we ended up …



Paulina Creek Falls is located just west of Paulina Lake outside Newberry Crater. This double falls drops 60 feet onto the jumble of rocks below. The jumble of rocks is the result of the falls slowly eroding their way upstream. ( I imagine that eventually it’ll work its way upstream to Paulina Lake, then its bye bye lake. lol) The upper viewpoint overlooks the falls from the south side of the creek. The lower viewpoint is accessed via a quarter mile trail down to the creek below the falls.


This early morning picture was taken at Big Obsidian Flow which was nearby.


Here is Paulina Peak being reflected in Paulina Lake.


Good ole Charlie Dog insisted on being in this shot!

It was an excellent adventure to get away from the smoke and there is still a lot more to explore here for sure!

Now where to go for our next road trip …


Road Trip: Harris Spring, California

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It was time for one of those mini camping road trips as snow is to fly soon! This time it was just me and Charlie dog going out and about to see whats out there. We were going to Martins dairy campground but hunting season has opened up in the Klamath National forest so we decided to veer east. And am I glad we did! Harris Spring is a great out of the way primitive campground located in the Shasta Trinity National Forest, and we had it to ourselves! This campground is centrally located by Burney Falls, Lava Beds National Monument and the Medicine Lake Highlands. The Medicine Lake Shield Volcano, about 10 miles south of Lava Beds National Monument, is one of North America’s most unusual geological features. At about 20 miles in diameter, it is the largest volcano in California. Its gently sloping profile hides the fact that, in mass, it is larger than nearby Mount Shasta. This sprawling area northeast of California Highway 89 contains extensive lava flows, cinder cones, pumice deposits, and lava tubes. It would take weeks to explore all of this, but alas, we only had a day so off we went …


Off we went through Butte Valley, California painted yellow with sagebrush. I love going out with the camera on these changing weather days as one doesn’t really know what to expect. Yep … we did get some rain!


An old schoolhouse, or so I was told, in the Meiss Lake National Grassland. Still hangin’ in there after all these years!


Made it to our campsite near Harris Spring Fire Guardstation. This historic Forest Service Guard Station is located in a open meadow surrounded by forest in the northeast portion of the McCloud Ranger District of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. The guard station and garage were built in 1929 or 1930 and retain their Craftsmen style character which was a popular building style in the 1920 and 1930’s. Both buildings retain many of their original features including shiplap siding, tongue and groove interior walls, and wood sash windows. You can rent this place to stay, but at $500 a week I think I’ll pass …


On our way back home we went through the Medicine Lake Highlands. Here is Little Glass Mountain which is an obsideon flow. Its amazing trees can grow in this stuff!


We also went by for a little break at Little Medicine Lake. The fish were jumping and I didn’t bring a fishing pole. Sheesh!

I’ll be heading back this way again next year … This time with family and friends!

Camping With God

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This morning I’ve been thinking about holiness and holy living. What kicked this off was this familiar verse is 1 Peter v. 16 “Ye shall be holy; for I am holy.” Therefore our goal in life is not happiness, health or any of these things (these are the things added “unto you”) but holiness.


Unfortunately I have been less-than-holy so many times! Sheeeeesh! From childhood I have associated holiness with this long string of do’s and don’ts. But seeing holiness as rule keeping really causes some major problems and really limits what Biblical holiness is. OK, the “rules” more likely than not are Biblically based there is this big tendency to obey rules instead of God. And this concern for the letter of the law which cause us to lose its spirit. Then comes this attitude that we can be holy through our own efforts in spite of the fact Paul said that there can be no holiness apart from the Holy Spirit, and its grace that causes us to even want to be holy! Then there are those whose pious efforts at rule keeping, and are even good at it publicly at least. These are the ones who like to point fingers at others, gossip ect. I’ve been the one who has had the fingers pointed at me and on many occasions. Then it dawned on me “Thank God I’m everything I never wanted to be,” you know what I mean? Its obvious I can never live up to it and am totally dependent on grace. I can never make it on following the rules. Rule keeping leads to self righteousness anyways which is the very opposite of true holiness! Its hard to be humble and “esteem our brothers (and sisters) above ourselves” when we are doing it on our own.


This may be a Tim tangent but I think it fits. From Exodus to Revelation we have this imagery of God “pitching His tent” among His people. A truly awesome thought when you think about it for any length of time. In Exodus 29:44-45 “…I will dwell among the Israelites.” In John 1:14 “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” And taken to its conclusion, John when describing the new heaven and new earth in Revelation 21:3 “…He shall dwell among them,…” Each time the word “dwell” means to “pitch a tent” in the original language. Now we are getting to what holiness is. God pitching His tent; first in the tabernacle, then in Christ and Christ in us, and then in our future life… At its base holiness means wholeness. One cannot be whole without a relationship with their Creator. It is living in Gods presence .. He has pitched His tent among us.


These are strange verses maybe to quote on this subject from Zechariah 14:20-21. This is a picture of the millennial reign of God. “On that day “Holy to the Lord” will be inscribed on the bells of the horses, and the cooking pots in the Lords house will be like the sacred bowls in front of the altar. Every pot in Jerusalem and Judea will be holy to the Lord Almighty, and all who come to sacrifice will take some of the pots and pans and cook in them.” Say what?!


Heres what I think its getting at; When God is at the center of your life, then every moment, every commonplace object of your existence is touched by His presence. Visibly true some future day, spiritually true now. There is this talk of “victory” in the Christian life which I think is kinda skewed. It seems to mean how God will conquer sin for us and is self centered. Sin is not simply the wrong we do to others and/or ourselves. All sin is a root rebellion or offense to God Himself. Its all about Jesus, what we can do to please Him, not what He can do for us. Personal victories may come but is the result, not the object. I’ll conclude with Jesus’ parable of the vine and its branches. (John 15:1-8) Holiness is walking with our creator completing us to be what we are supposed to be. In this passage Jesus explained that we do not PRODUCE fruit through our own efforts but BEAR fruit only by abiding in Him and letting Him work through us. Another thing that comes out of this passage is that what we are called to do or be is IMPOSSIBLE! “Apart from me you can do nothing.” To grow in holiness is to grow closer to Jesus, knowing Him more clearly, practicing His presence in even the littlest of things, loving Him more, obeying Him more… Even when we seemingly screw up our lives repeatedly, He cleans up and we are back into holiness with our first step of obedience.


We are (not will be but ARE) a Holy Nation 1 Peter 2:9…

Beating the Heat at Spring Creek

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Time for yet another beat the heat mini road trip, this time with my son Shay. We drove around awhile before deciding on trying this place out about 7 miles from home! The campground has five campsites & a picnic area on the headwaters of Spring Creek in the Winema National Forest. Unfortunately the campground itself is in disrepair due to ‘thinning’ of tree’s, but a short jaunt outside the place gave us a primo spot right on the creek.

Spring Creek is an underground river that rises to the surface here. Oux-Kanee, the nearby overlook offers a view of the headwaters of Spring Creek & a sign to help you identify landmarks. On most days you can see raptors soaring just below the cliff!


Wildflowers abound here at this time of year growing on the logs in the water and on the shoreline.



Camping can’t be camping without a campfire right? This was our view of the creek right before cooking up some vittles! Methinks we found yet another “secret site”! Just 7 miles from home no less!

Cooling Off At Kimball Park!

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Its been hitting the 90’s plush here in the mountains so another mini road trip was in order to cool off, this time to nearby Jackson F. Kimball State Park.


J. F. Kimball State Park is a pristine site located at the headwaters of the Wood River. This cold clear stream flows from the pine forest into open meadowland laced with quaking aspen, surrounded by the southern Cascade Mountains. A walking trail connects the campground to the site where the clear spring bubbles from a rocky hillside.


Shay and Hannah horsing around at camp. Imagine that! lol


A side trip to nearby Fort Creek in the afternoon. The park and surrounding area is a secluded place where you can contemplate the moment while relaxing in the whispering lodgepole pines. Or just splash in the water with rafts and kids!

Camping At Fourmile Lake

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Ah yes finally feeling frisky enough for my first camping trip since my heart attack May First!! Only a overnighter mind you but pretty darn exciting to me! My son unexpectedly met me at my physical therapy and came along too. (I did neglect to tell my therapest my plans … wasn’t to sure it was approved yet! lol)


The view from our campsite at Fourmile Lake.


The next morning (While Ben was sleeping of course!) I had to take a journey into the Shy Lakes Wilderness. Not far mind you, but a two mile round trip, but by myself … and quite an accomplishment for me at this point!


On our way back home, here is a view of Mt. McLoughlin from a pond. Could help but notice there was a camp spot here too. Maybe next time. I would highly recommend this campground and area for a vist if one is in the Southern Oregon area, as the trails are relatively easy … And the views absolutely beautiful!!!