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smoking angels

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Something I found on  a blog…

“someone i know was talking to a homeless man the other day who was drinking and smoking in chicago. anyways my friend helped the man out and gave him a ride to a homeless shelter. when my friend helped the man out of the car and set him up in the shelter, my friend went to go get him a coffee to help him warm up and the man mysteriously disappeared. my friend is convinced that the man was an angel and that my friend will be blessed for helping the angel.”

Kinda interesting …I just don’t know. Would an angel smoke or drink? I guess that I’d be more concerned about this person thinking he should/will be blessed because he helped an angel. That could lead to some serious disappointment…

Then again … a homeless guy is missing? It must have been an angel!

Would an angel smoke a la that “Michael” movie a few years ago?

Just wondering …


Confession Time!

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I like movie adaptations of Jane Austen novels, and I’m a man.

Sense and Sensibility


Pride and Prejudice


But I haven’t READ any of them! lol

Whew. Got that off my chest.

Immortal Beloved

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I just finished watching the 1994 movie “Immortal Beloved” and it has to be one of the best movies I’ve seen for awhile! It pretty much is a biographical puzzle. Beethoven after his death left a letter addressed to his “immortal beloved,” with no hint as to who that person was. As a last testament this document may have been faulty, but as a biographical puzzle it was great, inspiring two centuries of fevered speculations, of which this film is the latest and most romantic and oh so sad. I don’t know if the movie has solved the puzzle of the unnamed beloved, but I care not, because it has done something more valuable: He has created a fantasy about Beethoven that evokes the same disturbing, ecstatic passion we hear in his music.Beethoven is played in the film surprisingly by Gary Oldman, who at first seems an unlikely choice.
Then we see that he is the right choice. He plays perfectly a man on the edge of madness, obsessed with women, even more obsessed with Karl (Marco Hofschneider), the young nephew he hopes to turn into a prodigy. He wages a lifelong campaign of hate against Karl’s mother, Johanna (Johanna Ter Steege), telling his brother Caspar (Christopher Fulford) she is a foul slut. The movie proposes an interesting explanation of Beethoven’s hatred of her and love for her son, one which sensible biographers will question, but that fits perfectly with the terms of the story.

Beethoven’s deafness is a subject through much of the film, including a precious scene where the Rossellini character leads him from the stage after he grows confused during a public performance, and another in which he touches the wood of a pianoforte to hear the music through his fingers. He tried desperately to conceal his deafness, fearing it would destroy his livelihood, and in the movie they sometimes reproduces what he can hear: Low rumbles sounding something like the music of the whales.

Beethoven writes to Schindler (the one trying to find the “Immortal Beloved”, at one point, arguing: “It is the power of music to carry one directly into the mental state of the composer. The listener has no choice. It is like hypnotism.” I rarely do anything close to movie reviews, but the quote pretty much sums it up! I now have to find the soundtrack!!

“The vibrations on the air are the breath
of God speaking to man’s soul.
Music is the language of God.
We musicians are as close
to God as man can be.
We hear his voice.
We read his lips.
We give birth to the children
of God who sing his praise.
That’s what musicians are. And if we’re not that, we’re nothing.”

Ludwig Van Beethovenbeethoven-clock

What genre of movies is your life?

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A kick back quiz to end the week … What genre of movies is your life?

The link:
Click here: Blogthings – If Your Life Was a Movie, What Genre Would It Be?

My result:
The Movie Of Your Life Is A Black Comedy
Image In your life, things are so twisted that you just have to laugh.
You may end up insane, but you’ll have fun on the way to the asylum.

Your best movie matches: Being John Malkovich, The Royal Tenenbaums, American Psycho

I’m at a loss for words.

Becoming John Malkovich?

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bathing_john_malkovich_the_actor_soaps_up_on_super_434x214There is this question that I’ve come across which I found intriguing, “Can wounds (in and of) themselves become a source of healing?” It just seems a paradox …
In Isaiah it says, “By his wounds we are healed,” which pretty much answers the question but raises another … How? New Testament Christians were exhorted to view their own suffering not as just a random thing, nor as retaliation of wicked people around them, not even as punishment for their own shortcomings … Suffering was to be viewed as communion with the Savior who endured the cross.
Paul writes, “I want to know Christ, and the power of His resurrection,” It’s easy to give a hearty “Amen!” to that one right? But then Paul goes on … “The fellowship of his suffering, becoming like him in death.” E-Gads! There must be another way! Health, prosperity, name it and claim it … But alas, this seems not to be the case.
There is this strange, dark comedy I saw again recently called “Being John Malkovich.” The gist of it is that a man finds this dirty, cramped, cold secret passageway that takes those who venture in, (Shazzam!), into the mind of John Malkovich. Then you find yourself behind his eyes, feeling and thinking as John does, responding as he responds …
Perhaps this works as a metaphor here … The wounds we go through become not just healed wounds. In fact, it is becoming more and clearer to me as time goes on that they’ll remain in some degree unhealed until heaven. But they do take us deeper into the fellowship of Christ’s suffering. They help us to hear His voice in the Word … To really hear the inflections of anger, heartache … and joy. We feel them deep to the core! We can then share His Word with the anger of a betrayed lovers heartache, the urgency of a parent warning their toddler who is wondering unaware into the street. The whisper of a father who wants his daughter home, anytime of the day or night, dressed anyway the want …
The value of our wounds is to be made into His image. We get to really see, think and respond to people as Jesus does. The twelve step group, coworkers, the lady next to you in church … And to speak to them as He does. “Go in peace,” “Woe unto you,” “Come to me,” and the voice is the same as His voice … In empathy … In love …
Just some thoughts …

Shrek Love

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shrek_and_fiona_by_agivegaThere I was … thinking back on an more enlightening intellectual deep movie — “Shrek” — and an amazing revelation about true love came to me. Here it is: True love causes you to become who you are really meant to be, it brings out the side of you that was always meant to exist but somehow never was able to, the real you is waiting just inside to be brought out by true love. *Sigh*  
Now THAT is what I call romantic! Anybody care to say “Awww”?
Does this make any sense ?