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It was a great Pow Wow this year!!!

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The Klamath Restoration Pow Wow here in Chiloquin, Oregon was large this year. At least 50 vendors surrounding the powwow dancing grounds offered food, shawls, jewelry and other goods. More than 100 dancers filled the dancing grounds and celebrated throughout the day. The open youth rodeo outside of town had at least 80 entrants, filling the schedule. What a great Pow Wow! I’m already looking forward to next years!



Susan Boyle beats Britney Spears on Google!

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Huge surge, she’s now even above Britney Spears


Oh well … Brittany is still on top in Peru ……

Susan Boyle – Britains Got Talent 2009

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05_Flatbed_1 - APRIL

OK …. I’m sitting here bawling in front of my computer! *sniff* You have GOT to see this video … it is so amazing! If a person doesn’t get watery eyes after see this they might as well be dead. I couldn’t believe that voice came from that woman. Wow! I’ve been quite chastised yet again for judging on appearances! What a fantastic triumph!

Click here: YouTube – Susan Boyle – Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 – Saturday 11th April

Here is an article from the

Susan Boyle on Britain Got Talent

by dwarthy

Meet the frumpy, unemployed, 47-year-old woman who shocked Simon Cowell.

During auditions for “Britain’s Got Talent” this week, Susan Boyle of the village West Lothian walked on to the stage to snickers from the audience and an eye-roll from Cowell. After she unleashed a perfect rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from the musical “Les Miserables,” she left with the crowd on its feet.

“Without a doubt, that is the biggest surprise I’ve had in three years of the show,” said one of Cowell’s co-judges, Piers Morgan.

Boyle received three perfect scores and is the early favorite to win on the hit reality TV series.

“I know the minute you walked out on that stage that we were going to hear something extraordinary and I was right,” quipped Cowell.

In just three days, the clip of Boyle’s stunning performance has notched 2,605,000 views on YouTube.

“I’ve always wanted to play before a large audience,” Boyle said before hitting the stage. “I’m going to make that audience watch.”


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e6f4a6242404b5c5f9a542d97ef77a55Sometimes a person can get some of the most beautiful things from the most off the wall places and here is one of them by Roxy Music!


Try on your love
Like a new dress
The fit and the cut
Your friends to impress
Try on your smile –
Square on your face
Showing affection
Should be no disgrace
Try out your god
Hope he will send
Kindness from strangers
On whom you depend
Try on his coat
A mantle most fine
Myriad colours
His harmony-thine
Believe in me
Once seemed a good line
Now belief in jesus
Is faith more sublime
Head in the clouds
But I can´t see the lord
Short of perfection
I´ll try to be good
I´ll stand at his gate
I´ll wait for his sign
Then i´ll walk in his garden
When it´s my time
Drink from his cup
Hush now don´t you cry
His quiet waters
Will never, never run dry
Nearing death´s vale
He´s here by my side
He leads me to paradise
A mountain so high

Don´t be afraid
Just treasure his word
Singing his praises
I know that i´ll be heard
He´s gonna take you by the hand
He´s gonna make you feel so good
Open up your eyes
And then you´ll see all that you should
Forget all your troubles
You will feel no pain
He´s all that you need
He´s your everything
When i´m feeling all at sea
Deliverance is that distant shore
I will not be worried
Someday his house will be my home
For ever more, For ever more …

I just love this song!

And the stars made music …

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Something rather interesting I came across …

Something like 20 years ago, Astrophysicist Dr. Fiorella Terenzi aimed the famous SETI radio telescopes of Socorro, New Mexico at a galaxy naked to the human eye (she knew it was there based upon the radio waves it emitted), and she used a synthesizer to transform the radiation of galaxy UGC 6697 into discernible frequencies that human ears could hear. Essentially, she discovered that the frequencies heavenly bodies emitted could be related to human ears in the form of gigantic and almost overwhelming music.  Although this “space music” is much different than anything that humans would create, Dr. Terenzi analyzed it and realized that although it sounds somewhat random to our ears, it actually represents a complicated system of tonality that is produced by the spiraling nature of this galaxy. The symphonic nature of this galaxy evokes the idea of a million piece orchestra, an orchestra in which no two instruments are alike.

Wow! I find this stuff amazing,astounding even! I believe that the stars do sing. Scripture says the rocks will cry out if we don’t praise Him. There have been many times that I have wished we could just shut up for one day so that the rocks praise Him, but I don’t think it would sound like what I imagine. I can’t wait for arts and craft time in heaven with the Creator God. And believe you me, this isn’t sarcasm. Think about how much we are wowed by “special effects” and then think about what it would be like not just to manipulate, but to actually CREATE. Pure, unadulterated ORIGINALITY! Wow …

Immortal Beloved

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I just finished watching the 1994 movie “Immortal Beloved” and it has to be one of the best movies I’ve seen for awhile! It pretty much is a biographical puzzle. Beethoven after his death left a letter addressed to his “immortal beloved,” with no hint as to who that person was. As a last testament this document may have been faulty, but as a biographical puzzle it was great, inspiring two centuries of fevered speculations, of which this film is the latest and most romantic and oh so sad. I don’t know if the movie has solved the puzzle of the unnamed beloved, but I care not, because it has done something more valuable: He has created a fantasy about Beethoven that evokes the same disturbing, ecstatic passion we hear in his music.Beethoven is played in the film surprisingly by Gary Oldman, who at first seems an unlikely choice.
Then we see that he is the right choice. He plays perfectly a man on the edge of madness, obsessed with women, even more obsessed with Karl (Marco Hofschneider), the young nephew he hopes to turn into a prodigy. He wages a lifelong campaign of hate against Karl’s mother, Johanna (Johanna Ter Steege), telling his brother Caspar (Christopher Fulford) she is a foul slut. The movie proposes an interesting explanation of Beethoven’s hatred of her and love for her son, one which sensible biographers will question, but that fits perfectly with the terms of the story.

Beethoven’s deafness is a subject through much of the film, including a precious scene where the Rossellini character leads him from the stage after he grows confused during a public performance, and another in which he touches the wood of a pianoforte to hear the music through his fingers. He tried desperately to conceal his deafness, fearing it would destroy his livelihood, and in the movie they sometimes reproduces what he can hear: Low rumbles sounding something like the music of the whales.

Beethoven writes to Schindler (the one trying to find the “Immortal Beloved”, at one point, arguing: “It is the power of music to carry one directly into the mental state of the composer. The listener has no choice. It is like hypnotism.” I rarely do anything close to movie reviews, but the quote pretty much sums it up! I now have to find the soundtrack!!

“The vibrations on the air are the breath
of God speaking to man’s soul.
Music is the language of God.
We musicians are as close
to God as man can be.
We hear his voice.
We read his lips.
We give birth to the children
of God who sing his praise.
That’s what musicians are. And if we’re not that, we’re nothing.”

Ludwig Van Beethovenbeethoven-clock

Christmas in January

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Today was the day of the long awaited Chiloquin Elementary School Christmas Pagent! Alas, last months was canceled because of blizzard conditions. Today however, was the day of the big performance … Here is my daughter Hannah (5th from the left) and the rest of Miss Henson’s Fourth grade class, kicking into a rousing number called “The Fruitcake Song.” The show must go on does it not!
Tim, the proud Dad after all ….