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The End of Books?

Posted in odds and ends, thoughts with tags , , on February 15, 2009 by Tim R Wilson


First there was vinyl:

Then came the 8-Track:

And the cassette tape:

Then the Compact Disc:

And now…

The end of all physical media???

Shay’s teacher was just talking about this last week in his writing class and as he explained the way music has gone, now to iPods and iPhones and Zune and other mp3 players instead of CDs. There are plenty of young kids out there who have never laid hands on a music CD believe it or not.

Then his teacher, to my horror, applied the same logic to that art medium which is older than recorded music itself…BOOKS!

The fact is that the vast majority of text that is read today is read digitally…not in print. And with Amazon’s Kindle and other electronic readers out there, is it possible that we are finally entering the Star Trek era, where the only books we will see will be antiques like in Captain Picard’s room?

I find it hard to imagine, instead of curling up in front of a fireplace on a rainy day with a good book, curling up with a good Kindle, or PAAD. *gasp*


Is it true? … The end of books is near? Say it isn’t so!


Revisiting the Amish

Posted in Christianity, Family with tags , , , on January 9, 2009 by Tim R Wilson
amish_fishing_by_supercoolmanchuI posted on my very brief idea of should I become Amish awhile back. Not that I’m hankerin’ to become Amish … I just like electricity to much! lol Anyways I saw an interview with an Amish Bishop and wouldn’t you know it … A lot made sense!
These are not exact quotes as I’m trying to pull them out of my head … But take electricity for example … I guess the Amish aren’t against it per se and even use it in their barns! Just not allow it in their homes. Just not conducive to a family life “God wants us to have.” You don’t go to bed when you ought, get up when you ought, then there’s the invasion of TV’s, stereos, all sorts of things that “disrupt the rhythm of life. They just “take up your time.” Hmmmm
Then there’s cars …. They even hire people to drive them in them. But alas, it makes it to easy to get away from one another. “People ought to be with those they no and love, instead of wandering off God knows where.
Then there is the telephone … They have phone booths I guess, but again, not in their home. “They just invite people to interrupt you whenever they like. If you are in bed with your wife you can count on it going off!” LOL Seriously, he said that!
I can’t say I’m ready or willing to give up the modern world and become Amish … But technology needs a muzzle on it I think. Especially TV programing! And the answering machine has to be one of the best devices ever invented!
Any thoughts?