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A Tale of Creation

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A young agnostic man asked of a Rabbi one day, “How do you know there’s a God?” The Rabbi smiled, and took the young man to his study. He handed him a beautifully rolled parchment paper. On it, written, in calligraphy, was a poem that touched the man’s heart. The young man was eager to know who had written such a exquisite poem. The Rabbi replied, “my cat”. Puzzled by the Rabbi’s response, he asked how that could possibly be. The Rabbi explained that one day his cat was sitting on his desk when his tail knocked over his ink well that spilled onto the paper on the floor. When he picked it up, the poem was randomly written by some accident. The young man said, “that’s a great story, Rabbi, but not possible”. The Rabbi replied, “yet this earth was created by a mere accident?”

~Author Unknown


Water Found on Mars!!!

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This just in from NASA …


Camels in the Desert

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The following is a picture taken directly above these camels in the desert at sunset. It is considered one of the best pictures of the year (2005). Look closely, the camels are the little white lines in the picture. The black you see are just the shadows!! What a cool photo!!!



A Really Big Rose

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  And now for something different. If it works!  If not, this page will be blank, which would be different in its own right …



And the stars made music …

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Something rather interesting I came across …

Something like 20 years ago, Astrophysicist Dr. Fiorella Terenzi aimed the famous SETI radio telescopes of Socorro, New Mexico at a galaxy naked to the human eye (she knew it was there based upon the radio waves it emitted), and she used a synthesizer to transform the radiation of galaxy UGC 6697 into discernible frequencies that human ears could hear. Essentially, she discovered that the frequencies heavenly bodies emitted could be related to human ears in the form of gigantic and almost overwhelming music.  Although this “space music” is much different than anything that humans would create, Dr. Terenzi analyzed it and realized that although it sounds somewhat random to our ears, it actually represents a complicated system of tonality that is produced by the spiraling nature of this galaxy. The symphonic nature of this galaxy evokes the idea of a million piece orchestra, an orchestra in which no two instruments are alike.

Wow! I find this stuff amazing,astounding even! I believe that the stars do sing. Scripture says the rocks will cry out if we don’t praise Him. There have been many times that I have wished we could just shut up for one day so that the rocks praise Him, but I don’t think it would sound like what I imagine. I can’t wait for arts and craft time in heaven with the Creator God. And believe you me, this isn’t sarcasm. Think about how much we are wowed by “special effects” and then think about what it would be like not just to manipulate, but to actually CREATE. Pure, unadulterated ORIGINALITY! Wow …

Moon Landings Faked!!!

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moonlanding04This is all just too traumatic….I just don’t think that I can cope.…n_landings.htm

There is amazing new evidence here.
You’ll probably be seeing this all over the media pretty soon.
I’d like to be alone now if it’s okay.
Tim, amazed at the things one comes across …

Neurons and the Universe

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This is just unspeakably awesome.  A side-by-side shot of a neuron and a mock-up of the visible universe show the remarkable similarities between the two. I just found it amazing ….