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A Spring Blessing

Posted in holidays, odds and ends, poem, thoughts with tags , , , , , , , on March 22, 2011 by Tim R Wilson

I found this in The Circle of Life by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr and it seemed appropriate on this first day of Spring. Although it snowed here in the mountains yesterday; and again today, and will again tomorrow … This is probably may be my favorite time of year, full of hope … with all things new … with greenery struggling to get through the snow already melting. And the added bonus of my birthday in a couple of days! May this time “work magic in the corners of our darkness.” May you all be blessed!

A Spring Blessing

Blessed are you, spring,

bright season of life awakening.

You gladden our hearts

with opening buds and returning leaves

as you put on your robes of splendor.

Blessed are you, spring.

In you is a life no death can destroy.

As you exchange places with winter

you harbor no unforgiving spirit

for broken tree limbs and frozen buds.

Blessed are you, spring.

You open the closed buds of our despair

as you journey with us

to the flowering places.

Blessed are you, spring.

You invite us to sing songs

to the frozen regions within

and to bless the lessons of winter

as we become your partner in a new dance.

Blessed are you, spring.

Like Jesus, standing before the tomb of Lazarus,

you call to us: “Remove winter’s stone, come out,

there is life here you have not yet tasted.”

Blessed are you, spring,

free gift of the earth.

Without cost we gaze upon your glory.

You are a gospel of good news

for the poor and rich alike.

Blessed are you, spring.

Your renewing rain showers and cathartic storms

nurture the potential that sleeps in Earth’s heart

and in our own earthen hearts.

Blessed are you, spring,

season of resurrection, sacrament of promise.

Like Jesus you rise up out of the darkness,

leaving around you a wake of new life.

Blessed are you, spring,

miracle child of the four seasons.

With your wand of many colors

you work magic in the corners of our darkness.

Blessed are you, spring,

season of hope and renewal.

Wordless poem about all within us

that can never die.

Each year you amaze us

with the mirace of returning life.


The groundhog has spoken!

Posted in humor, odds and ends with tags , , , , , on February 2, 2010 by Tim R Wilson

There is a German tradition that holds that if a hibernating animal, the illustrious groundhog, sees its shadow on Feb. 2 — the Christian holiday of Candlemas — winter will last another six weeks. If no shadow is seen, legend says spring will come early.

Well … The groundhog has spoken. And it’s bad news …. Yep … Another 6 weeks of winter!

Not the biggest surprise considering the dreary, cold, snow/rain/sleet action we got going on now here … lol

calgary at 2 a.m.

Posted in poem with tags , , on April 14, 2009 by Tim R Wilson

This poem describes my feelings upon waking up to more snow on the ground and temps in the teens on this mid April Day …


Calgary 2 A.M.


In spite of the fact that it’s twenty below
and winter has gone on for five long months,


in spite of being starved, starved almost to death
for greenness and warmth, flowers and birds,


in spite of the deadness of endless classrooms,
shopping centres, television shows,


in spite of the pains in the gut, the migraines,
the wakings, the palpitations,


in spite of a guilty knowledge of laziness,
of failure to meet some obligations,


in spite of all these things, and more,
I have to report that the moon tonight


is filling the house with a wild blueness,
my children grow, excel, are healthy,


my wife is gentle, there are friends,
and once in a while a poem will come.


In spite of the fact that it’s twenty below,
tonight I smile. Summer bursts inside me.


~ Christopher Wiseman ~



(In John Updike’s Room)

Road Trip To Canby, California

Posted in odds and ends, Photography with tags , , , on March 13, 2009 by Tim R Wilson

Spring fever has hit with a vengence! Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and I just had to go out on a mini road trip! The first stop was Lower Klamath Lake in the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge. Klamath and Tule Lake is known for all sorts of migrating birds. The area provides overwintering grounds for scores of bald eagles, and others. The picture above as taken from Hill Road which goes through the Tulelake refuge.


After spending some time in the refuges I headed over to the Lava Beds National Monument. Thats how these road trips go, I just keep tacking on to it until the day is done! Anyway … I forgot about the wildfire that was there a year or two ago, so I was surprised about how black it was in its Northern parts! The Lava Beds is a stark landscape ( And I like these landscape, seemy link below for pictures of my trip to the Oregon Outback a few weeks ago.) Anyways the fire really turned the place into a surreal landscape!p31200235

Alas, somewhere in the middle of nowhere I got a flat tire. Sheesh! While on the road changing the flat I took this shot.Hey … If your gonna have a flat this would be the spot to be! Beautiful!


Mind you, I wasn’t really aiming for Canby but I only had this “temporary tire” and Canby was the nearest town and I was hoping to get a new tire there. But alas, no tire shops here and I had to limp along to the thriving metropolis of Alturas (Actually a favorite place to visit of mine) to find a tire shop. Canby turned out to be a friendly place and I got a bite to eat before heading out. I will have to stay at this Hotel some time!


On my way home I took this picture of an old barn outside of Canby. I kind of have a thing for old barns as my wife will tell you, so I couldn’t pass this one up! All in all this was a great little trip even with the unexpected … Maybe BECAUSE of the unexpected! Life is like that sometimes isn’t it? lolAnd … How was your day?

Link to Outback Post:

Wisdom in a Nutshell

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Check out this quote:

“The poetry of the earth is never dead.”

     ~John Keats

A Walk Along The River

Posted in Photography, thoughts with tags , , , , , on January 20, 2009 by Tim R Wilson

 Instead of catching the Inauguration ceremonies on TV I decided on a walk along the river with Charlie dog. Why not you know … chasing birds … critters … sounds of nature …. prayer and pondering … 



Today for me is a day of reflection. It is for me, a day of looking back and it is a day for looking forward. Which brings me back to the Inauguration … Its great seeing people looking ahead again, change is needed for sure. Lets keep President Obama in our prayers and continue to look forward.

Agency Lake in Ice

Posted in Photography with tags , , , on January 17, 2009 by Tim R Wilson

Ah winter …

It’s been sunny and in the forties of late here in the mountains and I thought to myself, “Hey …. It would be a great day to take the short little drive and shoot some great pictures of the mountains refected in the lake!” Alas … here is what I found.

Ah … Spring will be here soon … kinda …